Discovery of "Miyamizu" groundwater

  In 1840 Tazaemon Yamamura, the 6th head of the Yamamura family was brewing sake both in the Nishinomiya brewery (in Nishinomiya city now) and the Uozaki brewery (in Kobe city now). However, the sake produced in Nishinomiya was always superior to the sake brewed in Uozaki. He tried hard to find out where the difference of the sake quality came from: he (1) used the same polished rice as ingredient, (2)swapped the workers of the Nishinomiya brewery for the workers of the Uozaki brewery, (3) brewed sake at the same time, with the same method, in both breweries. Yet the sake brewed in the Nishinomiya brewery was always superior. The last 'difference' to think of was the 'water' used for brewing.

obtaining water

  He used the groundwater of the "Umeno-ki-gura" in Nishinomiya for making sake in Uozaki. Finally he found that the sake brewed in Uozaki was as excellent as in Nishinomiya!
  As a result of that, he made up his mind to use the well water of the “Umeno-ki-gura” also in the Uozaki brewery, and ordered to carry the water to Uozaki in wagons pulled by oxen. People laughed at Tazaemon, thinking him crazy, but it didn’t take much time before the sake won great reputation. Later the sake of the Nada regions has become the "most renowned sake" in Japan.

Photograph of the water transportation
Photograph of the water transportation

  Because the sake became famous even in Edo, people from different regions started using the groundwater from Nishinomiya for brewing sake. Therefore Umeno-ki groundwater is the place of origin of Miyamizu groundwater, and Tazaemon Yamamura is the discoverer of the water.

the place of origin of Miyamizu groundwater monument
The place of origin of Miyamizu groundwater (Nishinomiya city)

  Miyamizu has enough chloride and water hardness for brewing sake, contains a plenty of phosphorus and potassium, and is one of the best water for brewing sake in the world.

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